Pet Guide And Care

Dog Care Guide

Dogs are one of the most common household pets. They are very closely related to humans and can copy human behavior and express their feelings. They are used as household pets, service dogs, emotional support dog, and therapy dogs. They are very good pets because they can help humans with tasks and become their best friends.

Cat Care Guide

Cats are the second most common household pet. They require the same amount of work as training a dog. They both require vaccinations, behavior training, diet, potty training, grooming, and spaying & neutering. They also have a very unique personality. And since they are mostly smaller animals they usually comfort you in your bed and on your lap when you are sitting down.

Bird Care Guide

Taking Care Of Your Pet Bird Is Important. Pet birds are different than cats and dogs, but they are not any more difficult to keep healthy. The right pet bird diet, a clean cage, fresh bird food and water, safe bird toys, exercise, and lots of attention are the basics. Pet bird cages should have plenty of space for activity and a grate to separate your pet bird from the substrate.

Reptile Care Guide

Reptiles are very interesting animals to take care of. They require a differnt set of skills to take care of them. They require UVB/UVA bulbs of lighting, escape proof cage with clips, calcium & other vitamins, and make sure to check the cage has the right temperature & humidity. The cage should constantly be cleaned and make sure their is enought room for them to move around.

Fish Care Guide

There are two types of fish freshwater and saltwater. Fish require you to pick the right aquarium. Depending on what fish you plan on getting depends on the size of the tank you may need. You need to also set up optimal aquarium water conditions which include conditioning the water, maintaining proper pH levels, and Stabilizing temperature. Also prepare for proper fish tank maintenance which means replace water every month and use a scrub brush to scrape the algae. Be sure to keep a close look on the aquatic life cycle that the fish are eating and everything is maintained.

Small Animal Care Guide

The right small animal diet, a clean and dry habitat, fresh food and water, safe toys, and attention every day are important elements that will make your small animal happy and healthy. About once each week, remove all bedding and wash the cage with a mild soap solution. Rinse the cage with clean water to remove all soap residue. Always replace the old bedding with fresh bedding. A dirty cage could result in your pet developing respiratory problems due to ammonia build up in the cage caused by urine.

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